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Winter luxury accessories CANOE 2019/20

We are glad to present you a new luxury accessories brand CANOE that are made with new materials and tecnologies that were just unthinkable before. Breathability, elastisity, crease-resistance: : excellent properties for situations in which they are indispensable, but perfect in daily use. It is the perfect synthesis between artisan wisdom and technological research – yarnwith technically high performance and aesthetic functions of absolute superiority. Thanks to special H2Dry treatment, wool confirms its above stated properties withoutadditional care or any other manipulations. Also, during intense use, or after frequent washing,the fibers retain their natural elasticity and aesthetic characteristics. The material is very fast-drying. H2Dry treatment allows human skin to breathe, taking bodily moisture away. Wearing a hat nowis even more comfortable, because the head is always completely dry. Tests conductedin the laboratories of the Polytechnic Institute of Turin, according tothe international Moisture Management Test method AATCC 195-2009 showed exceptional abilitto transfer bodily moisture to the outside of the garment. H2Dry gives the product a crease-resistance.

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