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Manuel Mencarelli showroom is a Milan based sales and distribution company which brings premium designer collections to the best stores and boutiques across Russia , Ukraine, CIS countries and East Europe. We are now targeting also international accounts.
We are a team of people with a strong background in the fashion market .

Our strategies:

- Identify new and upcoming designers.

- Help them to establish their presence in the Eastern Block countries.
- Help them to build up properly their image in the market by screening the right and reliable partners.
- Keep continuosly under control their distribution sales network.

What we offer:

- Thorough knowledge of the market (customer base) and selection of the appropriate and reliable partner for each brand.
- Sales are managed through our  showroom located in Milano.
- A professional customer service department handling all pre & post sales issues (mailing, payments, shipments etc..)
- Continuous feedback of information from our customers (display, sell-out, advertising etc..)
- Detailed knowledge of the market acquired through frequent on the spot visits.


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