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MEIMEIJ is a brand that proposes a contemporary and easy to wear style paying the  attention to the selection of natural fabrics, to the fitting and to the perfect quality.
Authentic style, smart and unique design  are the point of the brand's philosophy and concept. These positive values  trace  in every detail and  in each image and in each outfit. MEIMEIJ made for the women with a modern and innovative preferences, for the women who appreciate comfort every day.

This brand has a unique mix of Italian classicism and refined sportswear with authentic chic. This is a style that has more and more women around the world flocking to this brand.

Meaning the pieces in this collection not only look great, they fit even better!

"Made IN Italy" brand has found a way to create modern, werable clothing that have just the right amount of designer edge while never sacrificing style.


meimeij pe22 collection-compressed_页面_58_图像_0003
meimeij pe22 collection-compressed_页面_58_图像_0004
meimeij pe22 collection-compressed_页面_57_图像_0003
meimeij pe22 collection-compressed_页面_58_图像_0002
meimeij pe22 collection-compressed_页面_58_图像_0001
meimeij pe22 collection-compressed_页面_57_图像_0002
meimeij pe22 collection-compressed_页面_57_图像_0001
meimeij pe22 collection-compressed_页面_56_图像_0002
meimeij pe22 collection-compressed_页面_56_图像_0003
meimeij pe22 collection-compressed_页面_56_图像_0001
meimeij pe22 collection-compressed_页面_55_图像_0003
meimeij pe22 collection-compressed_页面_55_图像_0002
meimeij pe22 collection-compressed_页面_54_图像_0003
meimeij pe22 collection-compressed_页面_55_图像_0001
meimeij pe22 collection-compressed_页面_29_图像_0001
meimeij pe22 collection-compressed_页面_28_图像_0001
meimeij pe22 collection-compressed_页面_28_图像_0003
meimeij pe22 collection-compressed_页面_28_图像_0002
meimeij pe22 collection-compressed_页面_26_图像_0003
meimeij pe22 collection-compressed_页面_27_图像_0002
meimeij pe22 collection-compressed_页面_27_图像_0001
meimeij pe22 collection-compressed_页面_26_图像_0002
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