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L’Autre Chose S.p.A was founded in 1959 in the heart of the Marche region, in eastern Italy, a district of excellence in the high-end shoe production industry and a bustling place that continues to inspire and shape the values of quality, uniqueness and refinement that are at the heart of the brand.
In 1987, after nearly thirty years of manufacturing experience in the fashion sector, the company launched its eponymous footwear label L’Autre Chose and throughout the years, the brand’s aesthetic vision has grown to include ready-to-wear and handbag collections.
In 2013, the brand became part of the Sator Private Equity Fund, which triggered the beginning of a new strategy of international development and omnichannel expansion. The Sator Private Equity Fund has now acquired an 100% stake in L'Autre Chose, launching a management reinforcement process that has led to the appointment of Alice Carli, as Chief Executive Officer, and Nicolò Beretta, as Creative Director. The retail, wholesale and e-commerce channels are perfectly integrated, ensuring an exclusive distribution coverage which is extensive and especially international, so as to spread the prestige of Italian excellence worldwide.


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Photographer: Zolotareva Anastasia,

Idea and stylist: Shevedra Lubov and Natalia Potapova

Instagram: zolotoreva_nastasya

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